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(Name) (Last) was having a hardcore brainstorming. He was assigned, by Alfred F. Jones, or America, to make a commercial for a product, the oreo. It had to be a song and the theme that goes with it.
(Name) was currently throwing crumbled up balls behind him and into a wastebasket full of the same objects.

"Gah! I give up!" exclaimed the (nationality). He face-desked and groaned for a good fifteenth minutes. That is, until Alfred entered the small music room; where (Name) was currently face-desking.

"Dude! How its going?"


"Great! Okay, since you have been working real hard, I decided that you can go to the world meeting today!" (Name)'s head snapped up to look directly into Alfred's sparkling blue eyes.


"That is right, (Name)! Come on!"

"But-" But Alfred grabbed (Name)'s hand before he finished his sentence. There were out the door in a instant, but came right back in.

"After you put on clothes!"

(Name) was a snappy dresser, so he just put on some jeans and a Owl City tee-shirt. He brought his small backpack with all of his stuff, including his notebook, which is his book to write his music; it including many of the songs he made,including the oreo commercial, but nothing has been written, and a small pen that is attached to the binding of the book.

~*World Meeting; in America*~

(Name) sat in a corner of the meeting, which is arguing and arguing. He was still brain-storming with the song. He groaned and face-desked again; then decided to eavesdrop on England and France about what they are arguing about, which was fairy-tales.

"Hey, have you heard of the Frog Prince?"

"Oui, yeah. Why?"


"Then you are the princess that kisses me!"

"Never!" They continued arguing about that. (Name) listened for another argument. 

"Lithuania, do you want to talk about fairy-tales, da?"

"R-Russia!!! How long have you been there?!"

"I will always be here..."

"T-that is a l-little c-creepy..." said Estonia

"Y-y-yeah..." stuttered Latvia.

Russia reminds me of the Big Bad Wolf  and the Baltics are the three little pigs...

(Name) put his chin on his forearms; thinking of something. He looked over at the Nordics, then how Finland, passed a treat over to Hungary, then she passed it over to Austria, Japan, Switzerland, and then to Italy...

He suddenly snapped his and quickly opened his small book and started writing in it.

~*Few hours later*~

"Done!" shouted (Name), as he stood up almost at the of the meeting, everyone looked up at him. (Name) jogged over to America and whispered something into his ear and passed his a piece of paper.

"May I speak, Germany?"

"Vell, I guess for a few minutes. But no bragging about you being a hero." America stood up from his seat and over to the front of the table.

"(Name) has a two requests, if its alright for another world meeting for a few countries on this list."
"Russia, Lithuania, Estonia, Latvia, Romania, Sweden, Finland, Norway, Iceland, Denmark, Hungary, Austria, Italy, England, France, China, Seychelles, Belgium, Netherlands, and of course, me! The Hero!" Everyone else groaned at the last sentence. 

"Wait, there is more. 'Don't wear anything fancy. Just something casual and something you can run in. The place is (your street address) and the time is 9:30 am- 2:30 pm, or ends earlier." Then Russia raised his hand.


"Why do we need to go while everyone else doesn't?"

"Well, you're going to ask that to (Name)- Hey. Where is that sucker anyway?" Everyone looked around the room. Their attention was brought to the doors as they closed.

You were currently running all the way back home; anxiously trying to get home to finish something in your music room.

I'm going to need exercise for this show.

You though to yourself. You finally saw your house, jumped over the small hedges, and opened the front door, then into the music room.

~*(Street Address) in America*~

(Name) was planning out thing. Then the doorbell rang. It was only 9:00, 30 minutes earlier then schedule. (Name) when to the front door and looked through the window at the sides. It was Italy and Germany. (Name) opened the door and greeted them.

"~Ciao (Name)"

"Hullo, (Name)."

"Hello Feliciano and Ludwig. You are here earlier."

"Vell, I know I vasn't invited, but someone have to vatch Italy."

"~Ve, we also wanted to see what you were up to too!"

"Okay, come in." (Name) moved aside to let Feliciano and Ludwig. The living room was sort of messy from last nights propping. Ludwig urge himself not to clean because he thinks it might be for this meeting.

15 minutes later, Alfred, Arthur, Francis, Ivan, and Yao came. They took their seats in the messy living room. If there wasn't anymore seats, the last ones would had to stand; First come, First serve...

10 minutes later; the Nordics knocked on the door. There were hardly any seats left, so Mathias and Emil had to stand.

5 minutes later; everyone else is here, but there was hardly enough room, so they moved to the backyard, which was huge. They all sat on either the grass, pavement, or few of the porch furniture, but many sat on the ground. (Name) came outside, stood in front of the group of countries, and had a director's camera. (Name) cleared his throat to get everyone's attention.

"Okay, the reason why I called you guys is to help me with-." Some groaned and silently complains.

"With an oreo commercial." Alfred was the first to get up.

"Wait! I thought you finished it!"

"Well, I had a hard time-"

"You do realize that commercial is due tomorrow, right!?" (Name)'s eyes widen.

"WHAT!? You didn't say anything about a deadline?!"

"Oh...That is right..."

"Vhat is it, America?"

"Well, the company told me to tell you that they wanted it done in the next week, which is tomorrow..."


"Okay, okay. We have to finish this TODAY." (Name) walked towards Estonia.

"Edward, I need you to do two roles; one unimportant, the other one VERY important. Can you handle that?"

"Yeah. What did you have in mind?"

"I need you to play was a person, and the other important one is to edit the video."

"You got it." (Name) then turned towards Vladimir.

"Vlad, you're going to do most of the running in the mid-beginning. Is that alright with you?"

"Yeah. But why do we need to run?"

"I was going to get to that part." (Name) continued on.

"You are going to pass on a oreo."

"What?" They we all confused at that point.

"I already sang the song that is going with that theme, so you need to pass an oreo to the next person. Of course you have to eat it because we are going to edit it after we are finish. Which is why I bought a box of oreos. Now, I'm going to pass one out to see if you like it or not." Everyone did, but they wished they had milk with it...

"Alright everyone, we are going to start at the front. Ivan, Edward, Toris, and Ravis are going to start."

~*Next day; in a World Meeting*~
Italics in story: means what they cuts out or did sort of funny...

"Everyone! Shhh! Its about to start!" Everyone settled down and their full attention was on the large t.v screen with the News man.

"And here is a new commercial about oreo.-"

It started with (Name) appearing with an oreo in his hand.

Wonder if I gave an Oreo to the Big Bad Wolf,
how would the story go?

Would he still go huff and puff 
or would he bring those pigs cool stuff
to decorate the deck he helped them build?
Would they not get killed? 

"Hey, Edward, Toris, Ravis! You can stop running- Wait! You just passed Vlad! Hey!"

Wonder if I gave an Oreo to a vampire in a creepy show,
would he not act so undead?
Would he thirst for milk instead?
I've just got this feeling that it might work out all right.

"...You okay, Vlad..."
"Alfred! Get Elizabeth! He fell on the platform- Oh god! He bleedin'!"

‘Cause cream does won-drous things 
in-side a choco-late sand-wich dream.

If I gave 'em to great white sharks, 
would they share 'em with baby seals? 
Would they call up a giant squid for a friendly meal?

"Okay, Su-san, you can let go now..."
"Our part is over now!"

"Let go idiot."
"Lukas! You let go of me!"
"Call me Big Brother."

Wonder if I gave an Oreo…
Wonder if I gave an Oreo… 
What if I gave an Oreo to you?


(Name) submitted the video to the oreo company yesterday. He was pacing in his living room and waiting for the results in the mail; which comes at noon.

The mail-truck came and (Name) ran outside to greet the mail-man; Bob.

"Hey Bob."

"Hello (Name). Here for your results?"

"Yup." Bob handed (Name)'s mail to him and greeted him a good-bye. (Name) went back inside and skim through the mail till he saw the oreo company's stamp. [I don't know if they have one]

He opened the mail and took a deep breath.


Your commercial made a BIG hit! So we want your permission if we can put it on YouTube. Call us if you accept.

(random numbers you can for a phone-number)

(Name) smiled and threw his arms in the air, then did his victory dance. (You can think of any dance)


She was giggling as (Name) did his victory dance. She was hiding in a bush near his big window.

"Oh zhis is going to be on the next commercial..." She ran back to the van and showed him the video.

"HAHAHA! Good Job, Duddtte!" They high-five as they watched the video of Name doing a victory dance.

"Do you zhink (Name) vill be mad about zhis?"


Like i said in the first place; its base off of the video.

Here were the role that the OTHER countries were playing: Passers.
Meaning they pass the oreo on...

Sorry...I'm not good at this...Its a short song and this songfic probably sucks...

I don't own the world
Mysterious country
Owl City - Oreo Wonderfilled -

List/more songfics to read -
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Look; America and a mysterious character was recording you do a victory dance, and the clue is that the mysterious character is a female

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